Enrichment Programs

School doesn't have to end at 11:45 AM at Trinity Preschool! Trinity Preschool of Berwyn offers a variety of fun and educational school enrichment programs for all currently enrolled students.

Enrichment programs are available Monday-Friday afternoons for 3's, 4's & Pre-K students. Programs are available in both the morning and afternoon, Monday through Friday. Enrichment programs are semester-long programs (September through January, January through May). Children must be potty trained. Children should bring their lunches.

Afternoon Enrichment programs start at 11:45 AM and dismiss at 3:00 PM on Main Avenue in carline. Afternoon enrichments will include a quiet time with lights down, quiet music and a simple rest. Morning Enrichment programs start at 9:00 AM and dismiss at 11:45 AM.

Topics change each semester. Minimum enrollment of 5 children needed to run an enrichment program.

Fall 2017 Enrichments
Begin the week of September 18, 2017 and end the week of January 8, 2017

MONDAY PM: A Cooking Adventure with Trinity’s Little Chefs with Miss Lisa
Children will be given opportunities to participate in fun, developmentally appropriate cooking experiences by preparing “edible” art. They will learn about recipes, ingredients, cooking vocabulary and kitchen safety. Edible art is designed to enhance the child’s creativity while they discover how food can be transformed in a tasty way. Recipe book will be provided at the end of the semester. $375/semester

TUESDAY AM: STEAM with Miss Donna
Contraptions, Concoctions and Connections: learn about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) through both explorative play and innovative structured activities. Children will have the opportunity and be encouraged to make their own observations and predictions, ask questions, investigate, and create.
*This class will meet on select Tuesdays, based on room availability. $264/semester

TUESDAY PM: Read, Roll, Re-Tell and Create! with Miss Lisa
Each week we will read a children’s story together. We will use a game format (roll the dice, spin the spinner) to answer questions about the story. It’s a fun way to practice developing listening and comprehension skills! A creative project will follow each day to allow the children to think about and create their own interpretation of the story. $360/semester

TUESDAY PM: Exploring Science All Around US! with Mrs. Filippelli
Grab your goggles as we journey into the world of science! Each week we’ll explore a different science concept such as gravity, magnetism, and ramps. Through hands on activities we’ll have fun learning the amazing science that’s around us everyday! $360/semester

WEDNESDAY PM: Lets Read and Move with Mrs. Filippelli
Shake, jump, wiggle and dance! These are a few of the ways we’ll move during our book adventures! Each week we’ll read some fun children’s books and follow up with lots of games and activities. Wear your sneakers and bring your imagination…. And get ready to learn! $360/semester

WEDNESDAY PM: Mat Man is so much FUN! with Miss Lisa
Does your child need a fun and entertaining way to learn letters, practice cutting skills and practice their pencil grip? Then this is the enrichment for your child! With the help of Mat Man and Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, each week will include:
· music (marching and tapping with big and little lines)
· sensory materials (magnetic boards, tag bags, etc.)
· art projects

This is a great way for your child’s letters, numbers, and cutting skills to be reinforced while having fun! $360/semester

THURSDAY PM: Magical Fingertips with Miss Lisa
Hands on experience is the gold stand standard for preschool learning! This is a fun program for creative little hands and inquisitive minds! Each week your little one will use their fingertips through finger painting, collage, textures, dough, and science materials to create a magical masterpiece or make a scientific discovery! $360/semester

THURSDAY PM: Creative Builders with Mrs. Filippelli
What can you make with a _____________? Fill in the blank: a shoe box, a water bottle, a lunch bag, coffee can lid, etc.? Every week we’ll use our imaginations as we transform a recyclable material into something new and different. Can a box be a building? A race car? Or maybe a treasure chest? $360/semester

FRIDAY AM: Spin the Globe II with Miss Donna
Join the journey as each week we spin the globe and land on a different country, region, or city and learn by doing all about the culture there. We will explore folk tales, literature, animals, music, food, handicrafts, games, and fine art by reading, listening, discussing, tasting, creating and playing.

Plan to start with PHILA or perhaps even closer to home, then DC, San Fran, England, Germany, Pacific West Coasts, etc. $350/semester

FRIDAY PM: Wind Down Friday with Miss Donna
Enjoy learning and playing with friends on Friday afternoon with a calm, mindful, and child-centered manner with yoga, directed activities such as inkbrush painting and making tabletop zen gardens, child-guided explorative art, sensory bins, outdoor play, music and movement, stories and discussion, and more. $360/semester


The Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club is a fun-filled, theme-based enrichment program for Pre-K students. The Wednesday Club offers Trinity Preschool 4-day Pre-K students an extra morning of learning and fun...and a chance to make more friends from the other Pre-K classes.

Offered on Wednesday mornings, the Wednesday Club uses hands-on experiences to broaden the Pre-K curriculum in areas such as science and math. Themes change weekly and are based on the interests and needs of Pre-K children.

Enrollment is limited.

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